Coaching is integral to our training approach

Photo by maewjpho/iStock / Getty Images

Amplius training is only delivered by highly experienced and credible commercial negotiation consultants. Core to each training programme is the development of a coaching relationship between the consultant and the delegate which is based on mutual respect and trust, and is designed to challenge and develop the programme delegate.

This relationship continues through planned consolidation sessions following the main training workshop, designed to ensure that the content covered in the classroom environment delivers in the working environment. The programme delegate will bring their real-world challenges to the consolidation sessions, and work together with the Amplius consultant to identify approaches to those challenges.

Following the end of the formal training programme, programme delegates are encouraged to remain in touch with their consultant who, so long as they are still with Amplius, will make themselves available to provide ad-hoc coaching on an informal basis. If continued one on one coaching is required, we can provide formal coaching from our qualified business coaches.