Did you really compromise? Or did you just stop trying?

Negotiation is never about compromise.  In complex negotiation, compromise is the enemy of value 

Complex negotiations require the willingness to ask hard questions, to risk sharing information that could be exploited and to identify and propose solutions that ask more from the other party in order to allow more concession. It is an exercise in exhaustive, systematic and collaborative exploration of the potential of a deal which should result in the creation of maximum value for both parties. This is not achieved through compromise

Too often compromise is what happens when both parties have a deal they can live with and stop exploring because it’s hard and uncomfortable. You may even fear that, by continuing to explore, you risk losing the deal you already have. 

Everyone can achieve more, but someone must be willing to lead.

Amplius will show your negotiators how to lead, how to create and realise more value and how to do so without increasing risk

Amplius negotiators do not give up.

Amplius negotiators are not afraid to lead

Amplius negotiators get more


Work harder to achieve more from every deal


Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate
— John F. Kennedy