Amplius Partners will support you through your most challenging deals

Amplius negotiation consultants bring value to your negotiations in a number of ways;


Selecting the right negotiation strategy is the first step toward successful negotiation outcomes. Knowing that you're negotiating the right terms, with the right people, in the right sequence is not always as clear-cut as it might seem. Assessing the scope of the negotiation, the balance of power, the position of the counter-parties and the stakes in the negotiation are complex tasks requiring rigour and objectivity. As dispassionate experts, we can provide both. 

Amplius will work with you through the strategy definition phase, positioning you to achieve more from the negotiation well before you engage with the counterparty. 

If you don’t have competitive advantage, don’t compete
— Jack Welch


Complex negotiations require detailed, rigorous preparation. Strategy, positioning, communication, team and stakeholder planning and tactical planning are all critical to give your team the greatest opportunity to maximise the value that the negotiation can create.

Amplius Partners bring proven processes to your team and will facilitate the team's preparation for the negotiation from the earliest stages of strategy definition through to supporting your people in the execution of the negotiation. The more prepared you are; the better the outcome will be

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe
— Abraham Lincoln

Deal support

Our consultants can be available to provide support through the execution of the negotiation, whether on-site managing the team room or coaching remotely. Having expert support available to refer to provides an extra level of confidence to your negotiators, and builds extra checks and balances into your process.

Giving people self confidence is by far the most important thing I can so. Because then they will act.
— Jack Welch