More is the magic word

The more you negotiate, the more you get. More is good

We know that you can get more of whatever it is you want by negotiating more effectively for it. Not negotiating harder. Negotiating better

Don't settle for just enough, don't accept what the other side is willing to let you have, work harder to achieve more 

Does "more for you" mean "less for them"? Absolutely not. Sometimes "more for you" can mean "more for them". Sometimes it has to, for the deal to stick

Amplius Partners will train you and your people to assess the situation and create the conditions to achieve more through negotiation. Like any skill, negotiation can be taught. The more you practice, the better you get 

Negotiate more often

Negotiate more effectively

Negotiate more value


amplius partners will show you how

All gains are the result of venturing
— Herodotus