Amplius Partners’ mission is the help our clients to negotiate more

We work with our clients to deliver on four key areas


"The team with the best players wins" - Jack Welch

Our goal is to ensure your negotiators are the best trained and prepared for any situation. We offer a range of training solutions including intensive, multi-day residential training courses, short-courses and modular courses. Our trainers are experienced commercial negotiators. As well as being highly skilled trainers and negotiation subject matter experts, they have real-world experience to draw upon  

Our client testimonials attest to the impact of our work. Good training should address a business objective and deliver the change required to meet that objective. Anything less than that is wasted money. Amplius training promotes positive change in our clients.

The people we train achieve more


At Amplius, we consult on the deal at hand, but we can offer so much more. Our consultants draw on Strategy and Big 4 experience to look at the way processes, incentives and culture influence the negotiation outcomes your organisation can achieve.

The term "Enterprise Negotiation Culture" describes our view that the way in which your organisation negotiates is a key factor in the way in which you develop, and it is a product of many factors. Many organisations find a gap between the way they aspire to interact with external stakeholders and the reality, and their Enterprise Negotiation Culture is at the root of the difference

We work with our clients to deliver the Enterprise Negotiation Culture they aspire to

challenge - the red team

When the rubber hits the road, you need to be sure your people are ready. Amplius consultants are experienced in a wide range of commercial negotiations from FMCG sales, to retail buying, corporate procurement, BPO and complex financial services deals. Additionally, we can draw on a network of experienced negotiators from all areas of business and government for one simple purpose; to test your negotiators

We can assemble an experienced, credible "Red Team" to provide realistic test and feedback for your negotiation team, their strategy and their tactics. The more realistic the preparation, the better the outcome. Let us stress test your negotiators for you, before your commercial counter-parties do it for you.

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence, only constant improvement and constant change
— Tom Peters