Four is the magic number.

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Amplius train negotiators to adapt to their strategies, tactics and approach to reflect the circumstances of each negotiation, to achieve maximum value whether involved in simple or highly complex negotiations. There are four negotiation styles, characterised by the four negotiation approaches detailed in our Four Negotiators Method

We offer a range of programmes

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All of our programmes are built on the Four Negotiators model, but we offer a different programme types designed to meet a range of needs;

  • Three night residential workshops which will ingrain deep understanding of negotiation through theory and intensive case-work, leading to sustained behavioural change and improved negotiation outcomes

  • Modular on-site workshops including case work, splitting the model into logical training modules for delegates to absorb at their own pace

  • A range of short-courses designed to deliver key points with impact for targeted improvements

  • Strategy programmes optimised for Sales or Procurement teams

We can tailor make bespoke programmes to meet your specific needs

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We have created truly customised programmes for clients in a range of industries, around the world. Customisations you may consider include;

  • Working with you to design customised cases or scenarios that reflect specific issues in your business

  • Designing custom programmes which integrate elements such as psychometric testing, coaching (Amplius coaches are trained and independently certified coaches), custom delivery schedules and methods and integration with your wider learning and development agenda

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