The more effectively your people negotiate, the more they are able to achieve more value and build stronger relationships with clients and suppliers. 

Amplius Partners work with you to ingrain effective, value-maximising negotiation in your commercial culture so you get more from every commercial interaction 

Amplius will train and coach your people, advise on process and work with you to ensure that your negotiating culture aligns with and delivers your strategic goals


amplius training

We deliver a range of Negotiation training seminars ranging in duration and intensity. Amplius-trained negotiators are adaptable, assertive and effective

As well as in-house programmes we run regular open-access workshops. Contact us for dates and locations

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Amplius Consultants will support work on category or client negotiation strategy, tactics and team preparation. 

At a higher level, our work on Enterprise Negotiation Culture and negotiation-led commercial operating models can transform the way you work with commercial partners

Reciprocal coaching will bring the best out of your negotiators

negotiation coaching

Amplius Partners will coach your negotiators through specific negotiations or assist them in developing their capabilities in a one-on-one environment 

Amplius coaches are qualified and independently certified corporate coaches and credible, experienced commercial negotiators

Reciprocal consulting supports everything from specific deals to commercial transformation

in house negotiation leadership

We will work with you to develop negotiation leadership within your organisation; helping to identify and train internal trainers, coaches and champions, supporting them with training materials and technology support and making negotiation leadership a sustained, intrinsic part of your enterprise


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